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Slots Update - Online Slot Machine Games & Casino Jackpots

Welcome to Slots Update! Online slot machine games and live jackpots. Discover the best slots casino and win online.

Online Slots at All Slots Casino

Online Slots

Few games have the universal appeal of online slots – providing hours of instant entertainment with a massive array of game types for every genre of gamer.

3 and 5-Reel Slots

For casino novices, there’s no better place to start than classic 3-Reel Slots. The most basic slots are exact replicas of those found in pubs and arcades – with the same simplistic game play, chunky buttons and pure luck based gaming.

For more advanced players, the more complex 3-Reel and 5-Reel Slot games entail a multitude of basic nudge and hold features, wild symbols, scatters and free-spins, increasing the winning options and potential payouts. The more advanced slots games also comprise multiple paylines, sometimes in excess of 20, meaning you can land massive multi-wins. For skilled players, many slots respond well to strategies and are a true blend of skill and luck.

Online casinos offer a variety of betting options, making the games accessible for beginners and also suitable for high-rolling professional gamblers – generally stakes range from 0.1 – 200.00 per spin, with max jackpots paying out only when players activate all paylines.

Video Slots

The developments in gaming technology have quickly embraced the concept of video slots – a cool blend of slot and video gaming, bringing the playability and graphics of consoles face to face with hardcore gambling. Video slots contain combinations which trigger interactive bonus games, where gamers can use a degree of skill to multiply payouts and claim bonus spins. There are thousands of video slots available online, including some of the world’s most famous super-themed games, including the console number one, Hit Man, and the movie blockbuster Lara Croft Tombraider. With the incredible range available online, you’re guaranteed to find a slot adventure that feels like a video game.

Progressive Slots

Whenever you hear about the latest gamer to retire rich by striking a massive slot win, the chances are they’ve been playing progressive slot machines. Thanks to the millions of gamers on the web, progressive slots can link up thousands of players all into the same game, at the same time – pooling the gaming stakes into a jackpot that grows bigger and bigger until someone strikes it lucky! The attractive aspect of progressives it you can join in the rush for cash even if you’ve got a small gaming budget – and there’s nothing like taking part when there’s millions to be won.

The best online slots typically pay out between 95 and 102% in an average month – these are independently verified by the best casinos, so be sure to check it out before you sign-up to a casino. Enjoy your slots!